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Slide-out systems

HPC-Hydraulics Oldenzaal designs and constructs hydraulic slide-out bays and other tailor-made vehicle wideners for recreational and commercial applications. Everything revolves around more space in your service car, sales vehicle or camper. This means an enormous increase of uses. With a slide-out bay you can substantially expand the mobile workplace, sales space or the accommodation. The systems are user-friendly, strong and extremely practical in their use. To give you an idea of the various bay systems a number of systems is further explained on the sub-pages.

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Universal Straight Out Slide-out

A practical solution in vehicles for which underfloor guide systems are not practical. The extension is representative with preservation of storage space under the floor. The USO slide is pinnate to prevent damage to the floors.
Thanks to the four-point fixing there is a perfect seal in open and closed condition. On the outside no technical details are visible.
It is a light and very strong system with a total weight of 60 kg, which can be loaded with a weight up to 1500 kg.


Dual Cilinder Slide-out

The ideal space enlarger for bigger vehicles, strong, technically very thorough and maintenance-free. The synchronised cylinders in the underlying rails ensure a very precise and problem-free extending and retracting of the bay. It feels like opening and closing a refrigerator door.
This system can be very practically combined with automatic HPC stabilising jacks, just like all other HPC systems.

The simple use and the thorough technical quality ensure that this dual cylinder-underfloor offers more and more space enlargement for even more enjoyment of life, work or recreation. The possibilities for extension broaden the vehicle with a maximum of 1.78 metre.


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