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Remote control by smartphone or tablet? Or perhaps you prefer manual control? It’s all possible with our new Caravan Levelling System. Level your caravan in no time at all.

For all caravans

The Caravan Levelling System is our latest innovative development. A lightweight hydraulic/electronic solution that can handle loads of up to 2 tonnes. You can always count on HPC Hydraulics for quality, reliability and safety. With our aluminium jacks and electric motors that fit in the existing support legs, we can lift and stabilise practically any caravan. The compact, simple control system allows you to lift, level or stabilise your caravan within 90 seconds. Depending on the application, 2, 4 or 6 hydraulic/electric jacks are fitted.

A matter of comfort

Automatic levelling and stabilisation systems increase the comfort and convenience of stabilising your caravan. No unwanted movements and many other advantages:

  • Ease of operation
  • Theft protection
  • Emergency system, can also be operated without power
  • Remote control by smartphone and/or tablet (Android & iOS)
  • Ultra-light hydraulic jacks

Transverse axle levelling system HPC.C1

A hydraulic two-jack system for simple, fast caravan levelling. You can easily operate the jacks with our app. This solution is easy, quick and affordable.
It starts with levelling the transverse axle via the hydraulic jacks. Then you can use the jockey wheel jack to level the caravan lengthwise. Then crank out the existing support legs as usual.

Stabilisation system HPC.C2

This system consists of four electric motors which can easily be mounted in the existing support legs and includes a control panel with Bluetooth connectivity. Our app allows you to automatically stabilise the system, but manual control is also possible.
In the event of electrical faults, the support legs can still be operated manually by means of a crank handle. This system is only intended to stabilise your caravan and not to lift it.

Automatic levelling system HPC.C3

The automatic levelling system with two hydraulic jacks and four electric motors for the support legs. Our app makes the system easy to use. Just press the button and your caravan will be levelled within 90 seconds. In addition to automatic operation, the support legs and jacks can also be controlled manually. This is our most flexible, compact, lightweight system for caravans.

Our caravan leveling systems are available until a date to be determined

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Feel free to contact us via the contact form or call the telephone number below.

Feel free to contact us via the contact form or call the telephone number below.


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