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Levelling systems campers

Ultalight aluminium levelling system

Levelling systems campers

HPC-Hydraulics are known for their ultra light stabilisation and automatic aligning systems. Because we work with, among other things, aluminium jacks, we can save a lot of weight. Depending on the application there are systems available with a capacity of up to 10 tonnes per jack. With this we can level vehicles from 2 tonnes up to a maximum of 30 tonnes.

The basic principle of the system is extremely simple. With a control it is possible to stabilise or align a vehicle within mere seconds. Depending on the vehicle, 2 or 4 independently functioning jacks are mounted.


We supply the following level systems

Automatic leveling system HPC312

For simple and stabilizing a vehicle we have two and four jack systems, with a compact plc panel you can easily operate the jacks.

With the two-jack system, each jack can be controlled individually, but with the four-jack system, two jacks are always controlled on each side at the same time to prevent twisting.

Stabilisation system HPC212

For simple and quick stabilisation of a vehicle we have two and four jack systems, with a compact plc panel to operate the jacks in a simple way.

With the two jack system it is possible to operate each jack individually, but with the four jack system there are always two jacks per side being operated at the same time, to avoid twisting.

The pump is a compact unit with a standard double-acting hand-pump, so you do not have to be afraid that you will get stuck somewhere or that you will be unable to level.

The systems are available in 12 and 24 volts.

The system consists of a hydraulic pump, two or four jacks, wiring harness with plc panel, hydraulic hoses and oil.

Hydraulic jacks

With our range of aluminium and steel jacks we can lift and stabilise just about any vehicle. We have systems that can handle a capacity of 2 to 30 tonnes.

With seven different aluminium jacks we have a suitable solution for every vehicle. Aside from four straight jacks we also have two telescope jacks, which are extremely suitable for vehicles with little available space.

The hydraulic supports are anodised black and very corrosion-resistant because of that. The mounting is in the spine of the jack, this means a compact installation.

For heavier vehicles we also have steel jacks in our stock, deliverable at request

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